Running Java Jobs


If your code uses Java via a .jar file, it is easy to run on CHTC and beyond. There are two ways to run Java code from a CHTC submit server:

You should only use *one* of these options to run Java code, not both.

Portable Java (recommended)

To use a newer version of Java and/or to run outside of CHTC on the UW Grid and/or OS Pool:

  1. Get a copy of Java/JDK. Access the the Java Development Kit (JDK) from the JDK website. First select the link to the JDK that’s listed as “Ready for Use” and then download the Linux/x64 version of the tar.gz file. The downloaded file should end up in your home directory on a CHTC submit server.

  2. Include Java in Input Files. Add the downloaded tar file to the transfer_input_files line of your submit file, along with the .jar file and any other input files the job needs:

    transfer_input_files = openjdk-17.0.1_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz, program.jar, other_input
  3. Setup Java inside the job. Write a script that unpacks the JDK tar file, sets the environment to find the java software, and then runs your program. This script will be your job's executable. See this example for what the script should look like:

     # unzip the JDK
     tar -xzf openjdk-17.0.1_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz
     # Add the unzipped JDK folder to the environment
     export PATH=$PWD/jdk-17.0.1/bin:$PATH
     export JAVA_HOME=$PWD/jdk-17.0.1
     # run your .jar file
     java -jar program.jar

    Note that the exact name of the unzipped JDK folder and the JDK tar.gz file will vary depending on the version you downloaded. You should unzip the JDK tar.gz file in your home directory to find out the correct directory name to add to the script.

Pre-installed Java

To run in CHTC only, using the default version of java (1.8):

  1. Add this line to your submit file:

    requirements = (Target.HasJava == true) 
  2. Your executable should be a wrapper script that executes your program.

    java -jar program.jar