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Please fill out the below form in order to provide us with information about the large-scale computing work you would like to do (to the best of your knowledge). Your request will be received by a CHTC Research Computing Facilitator, who will contact you to set up a consultation, during which time the relevant server accounts will be created.

A faculty sponsor (usually, a faculty advisor or project PI) will need to be present for only the first meeting that CHTC has with a new research group. New accounts for researchers in the same group (after that group is initially set up) can be requested by filling out the below form again. CHTC staff meet with all new users, and meetings with multiple new users at the same time are even better.

Please note that if you are unsure of an answer to a below question, you can answer 'I don't know'. One of CHTC's Research Computing Facilitators will be happy to help you work out the details during your consultation.

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