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News: How CHTC is Making An Impact

CHTC’s computing pioneering continues to advance science and society in new ways. Located at the heart of UW-Madison’s School for Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS), CHTC offers exceptional computing capabilities and experienced facilitation support to campus researchers and international scientists alike. Working in collaboration with projects across all areas of study, CHTC helps innovate solutions that otherwise might not have been possible, while at the same time evolving the field of distributed computing.

Read about some of CHTC’s latest news and projects:

González (left) and Tripathee (right) pictured with their awards. Photo provided by Jimena González.

OSG David Swanson Awardees Honored at HTC23

By: Sarah Matysiak
Oct 30, 2023
HIRISE camera image of Mars

USGS uses HTCondor to advance Mars research

By: USGS Communications
Jun 12, 2023
Image of Todd T taking a selfie with a tropical beach in the background.

Get To Know Todd Tannenbaum

By: Shirley Obih
Jan 23, 2023

Meet Joe B. from the CHTC

By: Hannah Cheren
Oct 03, 2022
Image of Servers

Technology Refresh

By: Christina Koch
Aug 31, 2022
Justin Hiemstra, a Machine Learning Application Specialist for CHTC’s GPU Lab, discusses the testing suite developed to test CHTC's support for GPU and ML framework compatibility.

Testing GPU/ML Framework Compatibility

By: Hannah Cheren
Jul 06, 2022
For the first time, UW Statistics undergraduates could participate in a course teaching high throughput computing (HTC). John Gillett, lecturer of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, designed and taught the course with the support of the Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC).

UW Statistics Course using HTC

By: Hannah Cheren
Jul 06, 2022
Satellite image collage graphic

Protecting ecosystems with HTC

By: Josephine Watkins
Nov 09, 2021