Throughput Computing 2023

JUL 10-14

University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Fluno Center and Online via Zoom

OSG User School 2023

AUG 7-11

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Past Events

Extended (In-Person) Office Hours


Discovery Building, Room 1260

GPU/Machine Learning Demo

NOV 16

UW-Madison Campus, Room 1240 of the Computer Sciences Building

HPC Cluster FAQ

JAN 19-24

Researchers' Link in Morgridge

Server Room Tours

FEB 9-14

Meet by the Elevators on the 1st Floor Discovery Building, 330 N. Orchard St. Madison, WI 53715

Research Bazaar - Join the CHTC session 'Scaling Up Your Research Computing'

FEB 22-23

Discovery Building on the UW-Madison campus.