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Collage photos of current and previous CHTC interns. Collage photos of current and previous CHTC interns.
Photo: Morgridge Institute for Research

The Path to Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

Want to make a difference and see your work directly impact science across the globe?

The Center for High Throughput Computing offers internship and summer fellowship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Mission

CHTC is a research computing organization located within the University of Wisconsin-Madison CS Department and at the Morgridge Institute for Research. CHTC is an internationally recognized leader in high throughput computing and provides access to free large-scale computing capacity for research. CHTC advances the field of research computing through innovative software and services, leading distributed computing projects across the campus and the nation.

The CHTC Fellows Program

Our Fellows Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with learning opportunities in research computing, system administration, and facilitation. Working with engineers and dedicated mentors, fellows will have the opportunity to learn from leaders in their field and access state of the art computing facilities. Fellows can also attend workshops, lectures and social and recreational events with CHTC team members. Learn more about the CHTC Fellows Program.

We Value Diversity

CHTC and Morgridge are committed to increasing diversity among interns and staff. We believe that advancing throughput computing and scientific research is enhanced by a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Open Positions