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Account Request Form

Please fill out the below form in order to provide us with information about the computing work you would like to do (to the best of your knowledge). If you are unsure of an answer to a below question, leave the question blank or indicate that you don't know.

After filling out this form, CHTC Facilitation staff will follow up to create your account and offer times for an initial consultation. The consultation is only mandatory for new groups to CHTC, but we strongly encourage anyone who is getting started to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to discuss your work one-on-one with a CHTC Research Computing Facilitator.

For more information, see [How to Request a CHTC Account](account-details.html)

Account Request Form

The following link leads to a Qualtrics form that we use for the account request process.

If you do not receive an automated email from within a few hours of completing the form, OR if you do not receive a response from a human within two business days (M-F), please email