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Research Computing

Join Hundreds of UW-Madison Researchers using CHTC Resources to Complete:

RNA/DNA Sequencing Analyses
Machine Learning Workflows
Economic Simulations & Predictions
Weather Modeling Analyses
Chemical Reaction Predictions
Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence
Modeling & Decision Making
Forestry and Wildlife Analyses
And More!

Research Transformed Annually

Who We Are

We are the University of Wisconsin-Madison's core computational service provider for large scale computing. CHTC services are open to UW-Madison staff, students, faculty, and external collaborators.

We offer both a High Throughput Computing system and a High Performance Computing cluster. Access to CPUs/GPUs, high-memory servers, data storage capacity, as well as personalized consultations and classroom support, are provided at no-cost.

Departments with Researchers using CHTC Services

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