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User News

Below is a list of important user news updates, sorted by date. Please stay up to date with news which is relevant to you, as CHTC policy changes may affect the jobs of users.

For older updates not shown on this page, see our user mailing list archives.

Support email is back; reminder about the HPC cluster downtime tomorrow (April 27)

Monday, April 26, 2021

Greetings CHTC users,

Support Email Responses are Back

We were able to make a quick fix to our support email address (chtc@cs.wisc.edu), and are now able to respond to help requests as normal. As we’ve accumulated a backlog of requests over the morning, it may still be a few hours before we respond to emails sent in before noon today (April 26). If you sent an email to our help address and haven’t received a reply by tomorrow (April 27) at noon, please follow up at the chtc@cs.wisc.edu address again.

HPC Cluster Downtime Reminder

A quick reminder that our HPC Cluster will be down for maintenance tomorrow, April 27, starting at 9:00am. Full details are below.

Limited response to emails today, April 26 (UPDATE: RESOLVED - see above)

Monday, April 26, 2021

HPC Cluster downtime on Tuesday, April 27

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Greetings CHTC users,

This message is for users of our high performance computing (HPC) cluster.

In order to incorporate new hardware, update network switches, and perform other general maintenance, there will be an HPC Cluster downtime on Tuesday, April 27, starting at 9:00am, and expected to last up to 6 hours.

To prevent jobs from being interrupted by the downtime, we are currently draining jobs from all cluster nodes. Submitted jobs requesting 7 days (or any time request that cannot be completed by April 27) will not start until the downtime is complete. Jobs can still run on the cluster, but only if their time request (“–time=” in the submit file) indicates that they will complete before next Tuesday, April 27.

We will send a reminder about the downtime on Monday, April 26, and a confirmation when the cluster is back up on April 27. Please contact us at chtc@cs.wisc.edu with any questions and concerns.