Antimatter: Using HTC to study very rare processes

19 August 2021

Anirvan Shukla, a User School participant in 2016, spoke at this year's Showcase about how high throughput computing has transformed his research of antimatter in the last five years.

Using HTC for a simulation study on cross-validation for model evaluation in psychological science

19 August 2021

During the OSG School Showcase, Hannah Moshontz, a postdoctoral fellow at UW-Madison’s Department of Psychology, described her experience of using high throughput computing (HTC) for the very first time, when taking on an entirely new project within the field of psychology.

Scaling virtual screening to ultra-large virtual chemical libraries

19 August 2021

Kicking off last week’s OSG User School Showcase, Spencer Ericksen, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Carbone Cancer Center, described how high throughput computing (HTC) has made his work in early-stage drug discovery infinitely more scalable.

Transforming research with high throughput computing

19 August 2021

During the OSG Virtual School Showcase, three different researchers shared how high throughput computing has made lasting impacts on their work.

Resilience: How COVID-19 challenged the scientific world

23 September 2021

In the face of the pandemic, scientists needed to adapt. This article by the Morgridge Institute for Research provides a thoughtful look into how individuals and organizations, including the CHTC, have pivoted in these challenging times.