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Center for High Throughput Computing

User News

Below is a list of important user news updates, sorted by date. Please stay up to date with news which is relevant to you, as CHTC policy changes may affect the jobs of users.

For older updates not shown on this page, see our user mailing list archives.

Accounts ready for move from submit-3 to submit2

March 15, 2019

Hi CHTC users,

This email is for those with accounts on submit-3.chtc.wisc.edu.

Following-up from our previous announcement: We will be retiring submit-3.chtc.wisc.edu in two weeks, on Friday, March 29. Users with accounts on submit-3.chtc.wisc.edu should now have accounts on submit2.chtc.wisc.edu and can begin transitioning their work from submit-3 to submit2.

See our original email below for details about account creation, quotas, and transferring data.

Email us at chtc@cs.wisc.edu with any questions.

Your CHTC Team

File transfer error in high throughput computing (HTC) system

March 13, 2019

Greetings CHTC users,

This message applies to users of our high throughput computing (HTC) system who also use our SQUID web server to transfer files to their jobs.

Starting Monday night, certain HTC jobs that download files from SQUID were mistakenly put on hold, without a hold message. You can see if your jobs were placed on hold without a message by running:
  condor_q -hold
The output for affected jobs will look like this:
  30000.0 username 3/12 12:07 Error from slot1_1@e000.chtc.wisc.edu

This issue, caused by a certain version of HTCondor on a subset of our HTC servers, has been fixed. If your jobs were affected, you can now release them and they should run successfully. To release held jobs, you can use the "condor_release" command and then either your username, or the ClusterID of affected jobs.

If you have additional questions, please email us at chtc@cs.wisc.edu.

Your CHTC team

RE: Move from submit-3 to submit2; office hours canceled next Tues/Wed (3/19, 3/20)

March 13, 2019

Hi all,

Users on submit-3, hold off on logging into submit2. We inadvertently omitted adding a lot of recent accounts.

We'll send out another email once accounts on submit2 are ready to log in. Thanks for your patience!


Move from submit-3 to submit2; office hours canceled next Tues/Wed (3/19, 3/20)

March 13, 2019

Greetings CHTC users,

Two important announcements for your Wednesday morning!

1. Facilitators out of office next week
CHTC's Research Computing Facilitators, Lauren and Christina, will be away at a conference on Mon - Wed of next week (3/18 - 3/20). There will therefore be no office hours on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (March 19 and March 20) and our responses to email support requests will be somewhat delayed. Our usual email address, chtc@cs.wisc.edu, will still be the best way to reach us.

One of us will be back in the office and normal office hours will resume on Thursday, March 21.

(those without accounts on submit-3.chtc.wisc.edu can ignore the remainder of this email)

In our ongoing effort to upgrade all CHTC servers to a new operating system, we are migrating users with accounts on submit-3.chtc.wisc.edu to a new submit server, submit2.chtc.wisc.edu.

Please begin using submit2 NOW, and migrate any data for future jobs by EOB Wednesday, March 27, 2019.
  • If you have used your HTC account within the last year, we have already created your account with a 20GB quota on submit2.
  • If you cannot log into submit2, please send an email to chtc@cs.wisc.edu and let us know.
  • Only move data that you'll need for new computational work, rather than moving ALL of your data; this is an excellent time for some clean-up of your /home directory. Write to us at chtc@cs.wisc.edu with an explanation if you think you'll need more than 20 GB of space on submit2.
The submit-3 server will be decommissioned after Wednesday, March 27.
  • Begin moving/removing your data from submit-3 NOW, so that there is not a mad rush in the days just before this date. Any data not migrated to submit2 by then will be lost. CHTC does not keep backups of any of your data on our systems.
  • Jobs still in the queue at that time will be lost and need to be resubmitted from submit2.
We'll send at least two reminder emails between now and March 27. Please remember that CHTC filesystems are not backed up. You should not have any data on a CHTC server that is not backed up in a non-CHTC location, and only have data on CHTC compute systems that is being used for actively-running jobs.

Thank you,
Your CHTC Team