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Transition to New Linux Version in HTC System

CHTC staff are in the midst up upgrading the default operating system on our high throughput compute system from Scientific Linux 6 (SL6) to a newer and slightly different Linux version - CentOS 7. We will update this page with more information as we pass major transition milestones.

1. Current Status

We have started converting our computers to the new operating system, in a gradual process over the course of the next several months. As of March 24, about 5% of our HTC system is running CentOS 7, and we will increase it as YOU submit more jobs that fill up the CenOS 7 job slots!

2. Who Can Use CentOS 7?

We are having only a few CHTC users "opt in" to using CentOS 7 while we are still in the initial phases of the transition. If you have received an email from CHTC facilitators about running your jobs on CentOS 7, and are interested in trying out the newly converted computers, see the instructions in section 3.

If you have not received an email from a CHTC facilitator about testing out CentOS 7, please continue to submit jobs as normal - the instructions on this page do not yet apply to you.

3. Getting Started on CentOS7

A. Run a Test Job

First, submit 1-5 jobs that are typical for your work, after adding the following line to your submit file:

requirements = (OpSysMajorVer == 7)

If the test jobs complete successfully, you are ready to run on CentOS 7. If you see errors or failed jobs, please contact the CHTC facilitators as we want to know what doesn't work.

B. Running Real Jobs

By default, jobs will still run only on Scientific Linux 6. You must opt into using CentOS 7 by adding requirements to your submit file. Once you've run a test job and are ready to run on both operating systems (or just CentOS7), do the following:

To run jobs on both SL6 and CentOS 7

This is the option you should use if you want to access as many computers as possible. Add the following line to your submit file:

requirements = (OpSysMajorVer == 6) || (OpSysMajorVer == 7)
To run jobs on only CentOS 7

You should only choose this option if your code needs something specific from the newer operating system and won't run successfully on SL6. Add the following line to your submit file:

requirements = (OpSysMajorVer == 7)