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CHTC Tools for Matlab, R, and Python Portability

The following pages are user guides for our previous set of software portability tools, in the ChtcRun directory package. If you are running Matlab, Python or R jobs, we highly recommend using our new portability instructions on this page. These guides remain posted for any users who may still be using these particular tools.

CHTC Tools for Software Portability

There is a two-step process for setting up your jobs to run with our portability tools:

1. Use our scripts to package up your specific libraries so that they'll be transported with your jobs.

2. After completing step #1, you'll set up the compiled dependency file(s) and other job inputs within our ChtcRun job submission tool, before submitting the batch of jobs to run. For each job, the version of software specified AND your dependencies will be set up before your code is run.