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Center for High Throughput Computing

Get Help!

There are multiple ways to get help from CHTC staff. See below:

Research Computing Facilitators

To help researchers effectively utilize CHTC, CHTC has Research Computing Facilitators (RCFs) as a result of partnership with the Advanced Computing Initiative. Our RCFs can not only assist your in implementing your computational work on CHTC compute resources resources, but can also point you to other on- and off-campus services related to computation and research IT needs. For example, RCFs can:

  • Assist with planning your computational approach for a research problem
  • Teach you to submit jobs to CHTC compute systems
  • Help you with troubleshooting on CHTC compute systems
  • Connect you with other researchers using similar software or methods
  • Point to learning materials for programming and software development
  • Help you identify applicable non-CHTC data storage options provided by DoIT
  • Find the person who knows the answer to your question, even if the RCF doesn't
  • ... and other helpful activities to facilitate your use of cyberinfrastructure

Get An Account

If you don't have an account yet, please fill out our Request Form, and we'll follow up quickly to set up a meeting time and create accounts. If you don't have an account but just have general questions, feel free to send an email to chtc@cs.wisc.edu (see below).

Via Email

We provide support via email at the address chtc@cs.wisc.edu, and it's never a bad idea to start by sending questions or issues via email. You can typically expect a first response within a few business hours.

Office Hours

Cancellations will be announced via email and on this webpage.

For users who already have accounts, we have drop-in office hours on:

  • Tuesday/Thursday afternoons, from 3:00 - 4:30 pm.
  • Wednesday morning from 9:30 - 11:30 am

Office Hours are located in the Discovery Building at the second-floor round table, just off of the main staircase.
For researchers without access to the upper floors of the Discovery Building, check in at the front desk and ask them to "call CHTC."
We will confirm that you are here for office hours and you will be let upstairs. (Note: If you ask the desk to call for a facilitator, by name, no one will answer as facilitators will not be in their own offices during Office Hours.)

By Appointment

We are happy to arrange meetings outside of designated Office Hours, per your preference. Simply email us at the address above, and we will set up a time to meet!